Other Writings

Other Writings


Though to this point I’ve been paid mostly to create ad concepts, I can write anything.  I can write, period.

Tag Line Treatise

I wrote this for my Art Center College of Design students while co-teaching a class there.  I think it’s partially what led them to ask me back to teach my own class, as well as to ask if they could distribute this to other students.
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Gambling Guides

I wrote these to pad out the meeting agenda book of an executive retreat to Las Vegas.  Never found out if anybody won, but at least they knew how to play. 
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Travel Blogs

As “The Wine Ignoramus,” I write the travel posts for a travel and wine blog called TheWalkaboutWino.com.  I can’t very well write the wine posts with that moniker—and my lack of knowledge about vino—holding me back.
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